SwissPedNet is the official clinical research organization of sgp/ssp.




The SWISSPEDDOSE association is responsible for the operation of a national database for the dosing of medicines for paediatrics. It identifies drugs for which there is limited information and for which no dosage recommendations can be made for children. These drugs are then assessed by a team of experts including members of SwissPedPha, the paediatric pharmacology platform, who provide recommendations to SwissPedNet on the need for clinical studies and/or to SwissPedPha for a pharmacometric modelling and simulation (PMX) project.

Expert team:

Prof. Dr Chantal Csajka, Clinical pharmaceutical sciences (SPC), University of Lausanne, CHUV/HUG
Dr med. Paolo Paioni, University children's hospital Zurich, SwissPKcdw
Prof. Dr med. Marc Pfister and Dr Verena Gotta, University children's hospital Basel, SwissPedPha (member of SwissPedNet)