SwissPedNet Organization

SwissPedNet, the Swiss Research Network of Clinical Pediatric Hubs, is an association according to the Swiss civil code §§ 66 to 79.

National Level: SwissPedNet coordination office

On a national level, closely linked to the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation: the SwissPedNet coordination office.

Coordinator SwissPedNet: MSc Anna Naef

Fon +41 31 307 10 43, 


Local Level: Clinical Pediatric Hubs

Description of a clinical hub and rules about the procedures within a clinical hub and between individual hubs are given here >>>

Clinical pediatric hubs within the children’s hospitals, closely linked to the corresponding Clinical Trial Units (CTU), with the same Quality Management System (QMS) applying: 

Quality Policy of the SwissPedNet

The clinical pediatric hubs commit themselves to aligning their activities in accordance with the Quality Policy of the SwissPednet.

Quality Policy