Point-prevalence study 2022

PPS winners

The board selected two projects to be implemented.
We congratulate:

Isabella Bielicki, UKBB for her PPS proposal
What measures are currently implemented in the perioperative care of children to prevent surgical site infection in Switzerland?
This project will be implemented in the fall of 2022 in all SwissPedNet clinical pediatric hubs.


Michelle Seiler, Kispi Zurich for her PPS proposal
Prevalence of traumatic brain injuries in children treated in Swiss Children’s hospitals
This project will be implemented in the first quarter of 2023 in all SwissPedNet clinical pediatric hubs.



The General Assembly 2021 agreed to do a Point-Prevalence Study (PPS) within SwissPedNet – the network of clinical pediatric hubs – in 2022.

The aim is to test the proper functioning of the individual hubs and to test the process of data retrieval within the clinical information systems.

The project should focus on collecting data about e.g., dosing and use of medication, use of any kind of treatment, prevalence of any disease, etc. in all hospitals. It will engage all hubs and is an opportunity to get all together and provide proof of our efforts within our network.

The SwissPedNet board together with the assigned project leader of the PPS will determine the time period in 2022 during which SwissPedNet sites will be expected to implement the PPS. Participation will be expected of all hubs as part of their agreements with SwissPedNet.

The PPS should be analyzed and finalized in the first half of 2023 so that the result can be used for the SERI application for the funding period 2025-2029.

Evaluation process

The SwissPedNet Board now evaluates the applications, conflicts of interest will be considered.

One project will be chosen and carried out during the designated study period.

Final decision will be communicated on April 30, 2022 directly to the applicant and on the SwissPedNet website.