Pädiatrie-spezifische Standards

SwissPedNet decided to rely on the StaR* papers for the pediatric-specific standards to be followed.

Standard 1: Consent and Recruitment >>>

Standard 2: Containing Risk of Bias >>>

Standard 3: Data Monitoring Committees >>>

Standard 4: Determining Adequate Sample Sizes >>>

Standard 5: Selection, Measurement, and Reporting of Outcomes in Clinical Trials in Children >>>

Standard 6: Age Groups for Pediatric Trials >>>

An overview of the existing StaR papers and additional documents published in Pediatrics are provided here >>>

Please make sure that your local SOPs reflect the recommendations given in these standards.


*StaR: StaR Child Health is an international collaboration that seeks to enhance the quality, ethics, and relevance of clinical research in child health by promoting the use of evidence-based standards and guidance for the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials with children. Find out more >>>