NextGen Research Day

The “NextGen Research Day” is an innovative teaching event for young researchers in the field of pediatrics. It consists of the first two steps of the Triple Jump teaching series, providing the tools for successful pediatric research.

Depending on your preference, you can choose:

  • Step I - Project Development: You are about to start your first research project or you just have a fictitious research idea and you need input on methodology and presentation skills, or
  • Step II - Project Leadership: You have successfully set up a research project and need input on how to move forward your existing research project.

Step I offers you two interactive workshops in the morning led by experienced experts in the field of pediatric research. You can choose two topics that suit your interests and will get the tools you need to plan your project better. After a healthy lunch break, you will continue in the “Scientific Speed Dating” session. There, you will present your (planned or started) research project to an expert and get structured feedback.

Step II offers you one comprehensive workshop by a leading expert in pediatric research. Please choose from a selection of two topics and you will be provided with knowledge on how to successfully manage your research. To keep your energy flowing, we will provide a healthy lunch and then you will continue in the novel “Scientific Escape Room” session. You will be part of a group with peer researchers and need to solve a scientific puzzle. Under experienced supervision, you will be put in the position of a researcher encountering issues along the way of a research project and need to solve them as a group in an innovative way and “escape” the pitfalls of running your own project.


The next NextGen Research Day will take place on June 5, 2024, in Sursee, LU. You can find all the information on the event website.

Program and registration NextGen Research Day 2024