Clinical Research Careers: a new website for young clinical researchers in Switzerland

The Clinical Research Careers website is an ambitious joint project of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), the association Médecine Universitaire Suisse (unimedsuisse), and the Education Platform of the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO). The website aims at guiding young physicians throughout their career in clinical research by offering:

  • a “Career tracks” page that provides information on typical career paths;
  • searchable databases that offer quick and centralised access to career support, a selection of funding instruments, mentoring programmes, and postgraduate training opportunities in Switzerland;
  • a catalogue of competencies [Link to text below] to acquire along a clinical research career path;
  • success stories of inspiring clinical researchers that complement the databases and present potential career tracks to follow.

Clinical Research Careers is a project that came out of the Federal Office of Public Health’s Roadmap 2016–2021 for Developing the Next Generation of Clinical Researchers, which aims to facilitate the career progression of young clinical researchers and medical students interested in research and to promote the overarching goal of improving Switzerland’s status as a centre of biomedical research and technology.

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