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More time for research projects in hospitals

A new initiative of the SNSF ensures that medical researchers can dedicate 30 percent of their working time to their research projects. The initiative "Protected Research Time for Clinicians" (PRTC) is intended to help especially younger clinicians to dedicate at least 30 percent of their working time to research projects funded by the SNSF.

This initiative runs until 2020 and responds to a need expressed by researchers; this need has also prompted the federal government to include protected time in its measures to strengthen biomedical research in Switzerland. 

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Pandemic influenza A/H1N1/09 virus infection

Clinical characteristics and outcomes in children hospitalised with pandemic influenza A/H1N1/09 virus infection - a nationwide survey by the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Group of Switzerland.

By Andres Hagerman, et al. - This study reported the burden and outcome of a new ­pandemic influenza strain on a particularly vulnerable population: children. The strength of the study came from its nationwide aspect, revealing the true picture of this disease in Switzerland.

Swiss Med Wkly. 2015;145:w14171 >>>


IBSA Foundation Fellowships Call 2015

The IBSA Foundation for scientific research offers every year fellowships of 24'000 Euros to under 35 years of age researchers, PhD students and MDs.

The Call 2015 is now open >>>


radiz Symposium 2015

KFSP radiz – Rare Disease Initiative Zürich

Nachwuchsforschende, wie auch Projektleiterinnen und Projektleiter, werden Ihnen in Kurzvorträgen die wichtigsten und spannendsten Erkenntnisse der letzten drei Jahre ihrer Forschungsarbeit zu seltenen Krankheiten präsentieren.

Donnerstag, 26. November 2015, 14.00 – 18.00h im Hörsaal des Kinderspitals Zürich.

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FZK-Symposium "Präzise Medizin für Kinder und Jugendliche"

Das Forschungszentrum für das Kind (FZK) des Universitätskinderspitals Zürich führt das Symposium 2015 zum Thema "Präzise Medizin für Kinder und Jugendliche" durch.

Donnerstag, 12. November 2015, 15.00 – 18.00h im Hörsaal des Kinderspitals Zürich.

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Paul Martini Prize 2016

For the year 2016 the Paul Martini Foundation tenders their Paul Martini Prize internationally. The award recognizes outstanding research in clinical pharmacology. These include for example the development of new drug applications, the identification of new drug targets and optimizing therapeutic regimens; but this also includes the development and application of clinical pharmacology methods for assessing therapeutic interventions and therapeutic trials and their socio-economic aspects.

The prize is endowed with € 25,000.

Deadline for submissions: 15.11.2015

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10 ans de la Plateforme de recherche clinique pédiatrique à Genève

La plateforme de recherche clinique de pédiatrie de Genève fêtera ses 10 ans par un après-midi scientifique, le 2 octobre 2015. Veuillez trouver le programme ci-joint, ainsi qu’un plan d’accès. >>>

On espère bien que vous pourrez vous joindre à Genève à cette occasion!


Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials (IICTs):
Call for proposals 2015

This new special program “Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials (IICT)” will enable independent clinical researchers to answer questions that are important for patients.

The scope of the call underlines topics that are under-researched such as rare diseases and pediatric diseases. 

Researchers need to inform the SNSF with a letter of intent by August 26, 2015, and the deadline for submission of the full applications is October 15, 2015.

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Annual joint DIA/EFGCP/EMA Better Medicines for Children Conference

This is the annual conference on Better Medicines for Children, organized jointly by DIA, EFGCP and EMA.

The Key Annual Pediatric Forum: October 1 to 2, 2015 in London.

Join key stakeholders in the open discussion on issues delaying children's access to innovative treatments.

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First National Study Nurse / Study Coordinator Meeting

On April 16, 2015, 120 study nurses and study coordinators from over 20 hospitals and institutions participated in the first National Study Nurse / Study Coordinator Meeting entitled from Study Nurses for Study Nurses.


The presentations are available here:

Anna Christen: Study Nurse - the long way to a new profession

Cecilia Huismann: A glance across the boarder - Study Nurse networks in Europe

Tanja Krones: Recruiting patients: responsibilities | role conflicts | demarcation of competencies

Sigrid Patzl: Communication skills for study nurses

Esther Seeberger: Clinical study information for patients and parents | informed consent process

Pascale Gasser: Importance and influence of a study nurse on the course of a research project – the view of an external sponsor

Here you find a short meeting report.